Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ace of Spades

You can find the game here, It's Free:


Just found this awesome game called ace of spades. Probably my favorite game of all time by the looks of it.

Think Minecraft + world war 2. That is basically what this game is. The terrain is block based, and is pseudo-randomly generated. As the battle rages on you can see the tole it takes on the terrain as each team burrows and frags their way to eachother's intel.

My fellow blue comrades

You can build defensive structures like this one to fend off the enemy with cover!

The game came out only about a week ago, so some exploits are being circulated, but the developer Ben Aksoy has been excellent with addresing issues such as hackers, and glitches. So far the game seems to be stable- and hacking is no longer a problem (as it used to be).


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ah, new blog. To kick things off I'll be posting some of my most inspirational artwork.

Enjoy! and by the way, I did not create any of these pieces of art. Credit goes to their respectable creators which are beyond me at this point...

This piece of art in particular; truly amazing. A giant worm creature, being watched by what seems to be a tribe of humanoid creatures. Who knows what distant planet, galaxy, or even dimension this spectacle takes place on... I guess thats for us to choose.

Amazing. What seems to be a robot, cyborg woman. I just love the shading implemented by the artist, and the reflections off the fine pieces of metal.